Happy Christmas

Posted by henry 24/12/2015 20 Comment(s) December 2015,

Just wanted to wish everyone the best Christmas and New Year! Next year is really busy for us with a brand new show coming out on Channel Four every day in March called Find it, Fix it, Flog it. Also loads more new Shed & Buried and World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides not forgetting the return of The Motorbike Show on ITV4 in May.


Hope you like the new website and there are loads of new products coming online over 2016.


Very best wishes for 2016


20 Comment(s)

Chris Hunt:
24/12/2015, 04:40:29 AM

Happy Christmas Henry to you and your family. Love watching you on TV and loved shed and Buried. Think Sam is a real treasure. Looking forward to all the new stuff in 2016.

Gary Bickley:
24/12/2015, 04:54:51 AM, Hosp-ex.Co.uk

Have a great Christmas yaself and a fab 2016. Loved WGMR CROATIA get it on dvd, it's on my trip list for 2016. Ride free, ride safe.

Shaun Mcartan:
24/12/2015, 05:27:05 AM

Merry Christmas Henry and a happier year to you and your family, hope you all have a great Christmas day and Boxing day very best wishes. Looking forward to more of your great shows in 2016

Alex Renwick:
24/12/2015, 06:45:12 AM

Compliments to you and your family too Henry. Love the stuff you do. You are an inspiration to me and my wife, just ordered a brand new T Bonneville.

Mike Goodsell:
24/12/2015, 06:50:37 AM

Merry Christmas to you too. Good to meet you at the nec. Aragon and the Pyrenees for us next year, largely due to your shows. Mike and Lin

David Suckling:
24/12/2015, 10:41:15 AM

Best wishes have a great day Just getting ready to ride down to south of France and Spain

Margaret Wyres:
24/12/2015, 11:12:45 AM

Hi Henry, from myself and my partner, we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a peaceful new year. We have loved watching world's greatest motorcycle ride, thanks for that. Can't wait to see where you end up in the next series.Best wishes to you and your familyMargaret & Mark

Paul Tierney:
25/12/2015, 02:38:19 AM

A merry Christmas to you Henry and your family it was great meeting you at NEC show once again love all your shows and please keep us posted when you are coming up to Scotland and i will meet up with you.All the best for 2016.

Steve Coulson:
25/12/2015, 04:34:37 AM

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours Henry. Thank you for the great programmes and inspiration to get out there and do it. Croatia here we come! Keep it bubble up and rubber down my friend. Steve and Julia

Gary "Bear" Fleshman:
25/12/2015, 02:30:09 PM, www.orange-and-black.co.uk

Merry Christmas and a joyous new year! Looking forward to riding Route 66 with you in September 2016! Until then…keep the rubber on the road and the shiny side up!

Chris Pickering:
26/12/2015, 12:42:27 PM

Merry Christmas Henry and a I wish you another exciting New Year. I'm a big fan of all of your shows. I've just watched World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides- New Zealand. More please!

Jeff davies:
28/12/2015, 08:06:43 AM

All the best for 2016, love the programs and your honesty.Met you at Stafford bike show, i was the scouser, ride safe,Jeff.

17/01/2016, 09:16:15 AM

Very best to wishes to you and your family, here's looking forward to an adventurous 2016. In these times when there appears to be so much negativity towards motorcyclists it's refreshing and positively inspirational to have someone such as yourself who can bring us dedicated programs to fuel our passions. As bikers I think we share common interests because She'd n Burried is another program which is not only entertaining but also educational and interesting. Loved your WGMR episode in the UK from John O Groats to Lands End. I did the journey for charity just before I saw the show but did it non stop in 18.5 hours. I was so enthralled by your show I copied the route to my PC and am travelling almost the same route this year, again non stop and again for charity. Wish me luck...... Or join me ? It's planned for June 20th, the longest day. Keep up the excellent work H, you are an inspiration to two wheeler's everywhere. Cheers Bob

Dave Stevens:
01/02/2016, 07:48:38 AM

A great big thank you. After being very ill for the last 2 months (on the mend and now almost my fighting fit self again) I found your great programs on the tele (being banged up in doors the box was a life saver from my boredom!!) Your dry wit and eloquent scripts made me chuckle, smile and feel better, what a tonic from the general detritus on tv.... Keep it up mate!!

24/07/2016, 03:58:57 PM

Loving the new show trying to work out the locations as only live down the road near Carterton have finally got the z1 rep out sunshine at last

Jeff Cobb:
23/09/2016, 09:48:05 AM

Hi Henry. Great to meet you at Jurby and get the photo taken. Look forward to further progs. Best regards too all at HCA. Jeff.

Terry Adams:
27/09/2016, 11:07:05 AM

Hi Henry, Absolutely love shed and buried, best program on tv, you and Sam are a natural comedy act who compliment each other perfectly. Watched series 1 & 2 twice over. Hope there is a series 3 in the pipeline. Keep up the good work. Best wishes to you and Sam. Terry

Sylvoa Taylor:
01/12/2016, 10:34:02 AM

Have a cool yule to you and your family, Sam and the crew. Loving both World's Greatest and Shed and Buried. Ride safe and keep up the sterling work.

31/01/2017, 03:08:25 PM

Now we have reach the end of januari 2017 it is propper to wish you and your family a wonderful 2017! Hope to see more of your show's on the telly and keep on riding!

Steve & Renata Bradeley:
30/09/2017, 12:33:49 PM

Hi Henry Just like to say that we watch your programmes from Sao Paulo, Brazil on Youtube. Your programmes keep us sane whilst living and working in this crazy city. All things Brazil tend to send you into a frustration spiral. So to keep us sane we just settle down and watch you travel, find and ride. Everything we miss from home in the UK while here. Thanks so much. Steve & Renata.

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