Cronografo Palude Black - Out of Order Watch

Cronografo Palude Black - Out of Order Watch

Out of Order Watches® born nearby the wonderful Venezia - Italy, where we're based, in February 2013.

The concept is super easy: we are the first producers in the World of Watches where the watches are born already aged without compromising the premium quality. You don't have to worry about ruining them, so please, treat them badly, the more damaged they are, the cooler they become.

Our products appear so vintage they appear like:
- The true Vintage coat that you've got in your closet;
- the 1960's car you've always dreamed of;
- the bike of your grandfather's that you're restoring;
- those wonderful sunglasses you found in an old bag, that bought in that cute vintage market in London last year.

Each one of our products is 'Damaged In Italy', through a handcrafted process made by the skilled hands of our expert technicians. Each piece is a unique piece and nothing is left to chance. We're simply obsessed by the details. Details which give absolutely a luxury taste at each one of our product.

Case: 42 mm stainless steel
Bezel: black
Strap: hand made genuine leather
Wr: 10 ATM
Made in Italy

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