Happy New Year

Posted by henry 08/01/2016 16 Comment(s) January 2016,

Happy New Year to everyone, let’s all keep it the shiny side up this year!


Can’t wait for the rain to stop and we can get out and about on two wheels without getting soaked! Do hope the new website appeals. We are gonna be adding loads of new products and tee shirts this year so keep logging on to see the new products. Meantime the TV is going really well. Watch out for my new series on Channel Four that starts in March and runs  every weekday during the month. It’s called Find It, Fix It, Flog it. 


Also this Monday sees the start of filming the brand new series of Shed and Buried which  I can’t wait for. We have some belting sheds on offer and let’ hope we can find that elusive Black Shadow for full restoration!


Loads more World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides and a two hour special on Steve McQueen’s bikes are also scheduled for this year but more about that laters. Meantime let’s hope 2016 rocks!


All the best



16 Comment(s)

Jan Rowe:
10/01/2016, 01:12:19 PM

Hi! Really enjoy Shed and Buried!! Any chance you'll be selling Shed and Buried tea shirts anytime soon? Thanks for a great show! Jan.

10/01/2016, 01:58:18 PM

Loving World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides, Henry. I'm currently between contracts (jobless) and your trip through the Balkans has really helped keep a fire in the grate on one or two dark and miserable winter evenings. This could be the year I finally jack in the corporate twat race and follow your wheel tracks. What on earth have you got against GS Adventures, though? Tidy website, btw - think I'll pick up another tee-shirt while I'm here. All the best, Nick.

David George:
11/01/2016, 10:43:11 AM

HC - with all your shows you inspired me (at least partly) to take my Bike test and buy a Bonnie at the age of 49 and 3/4. Looking forward to more bikie and old bits stuff

02/05/2016, 12:49:36 PM

Hi Can we all have an update when new shows are on TV I am lying on sofa with ruptured achilles. So I hope it's soon.

Ian King:
15/06/2016, 05:54:44 PM

Hi Mark, I think I went out with 'ruptured achilles' in the 70s...nice girl

04/07/2016, 02:36:06 PM

Met henry filming today in framlingham lovely chap

Mark Richard Savin:
17/11/2016, 01:22:32 PM

Henry, I need to buy the bakers/motorcycle cap hat! Tell me how please! Cheers Mark

David Matthews:
09/01/2017, 02:11:35 PM, dave0103@hotmail.co.uk

i would like to know if you sold the gray tractor you have

Roger Lee:
01/02/2017, 09:39:47 AM

Hi Henry , Love all your programmes , shed &buried especially , & Sam is a great character & his knowledge of engines & machines is awesome . You inspired me at the grand age of almost 70 to get back to Biking i have bought a Sinnis 125 Max 2 , & when i get my confidence back would like a 500 cc Harley . Please keep up the good work , looking forward to hearing when you will be recording some new programmes . Best regards Roger .

Derek Manns:
03/02/2017, 02:47:44 AM

Hello Henry Cole,I love Shed & Berried and Find it Fix it Flog it,so many great items go through both shows and even though some of it looks like a pile of crap it is turned into some really great stuff,and the price`s are pretty reasonable most of the time.I am currently watching repeats to the annoyance of some family members but I see bits I missed the first time round so hey no biggie there,can not wait for the New series to start keep up the great work,and if you ever start to feel "is it worth getting wet for or cold for" remember all of us who watch the shows. Ps Sam is a very good help with his knowledge of bikes,both keep up the great work.

Dean Morris:
03/03/2017, 05:27:26 PM

Wow very delighted just treated myself to a shed & buried mug can't wait, you two guys keep up the great work you are doing your programme is the tops

Paul & Peter:
04/03/2017, 04:33:17 PM

Hey Henry boy. We love find it, fix it, flog it, we watch religiously with our lunch every day!!! Keep that rascal Simon in check lol. We will 100% be checking out Shed and Buried ASAP. Hope you see this, we would love a reply! Keep up the great work, Paul & Peter p.s how do you get your luscious blonde locks so shiny??

Paula Rogers:
23/03/2017, 04:22:43 AM

Hi There,I love watching the Shed and buried show. Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove are good. They get some great finds. My friend is a BSA and Triumph lover. And also the motorcycle adventures he go's on a brill.

26/04/2017, 05:06:03 PM

Hello Henry. Shed and buried works, you and Sam work well together. Love the program, keep making more of them please. The one program when you and Sam were trying out the drag bike, and Sam had got a big grin and could'nt get his words out was magic. Been there and know how he felt, magic. Best wishes to you Henry and Sam.

Peter wright:
15/05/2017, 12:06:39 PM

Mr ColeI watch your programme every week while you barn crawl your way thru unwanted forgotten sheds with Sam live grove and this has got me wondering if you are in a position to help me find something that I need desperately.I am in the process of retiring a 1965 Bedford ha Roma camper which parts are proving difficult to find. However not impossible. But one item is.A window panel of convoluted glass is causing me problems.I would be grateful if you could assist me in any way in possibly letting me know if any of your staff team or researchers could help me find this elusive piece of glass in order that I can finish restoration of my late uncles car the Roma.I look forward to any reply you may have. Regards Peter wright

Andrew Lawrence:
11/10/2017, 01:35:23 PM

Hi Henry , Love all your programmes , shed &buried especially , & Sam is a great character & his knowledge of engines & machines is awesome

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