Riding Scandinavia

Riding Scandinavia

Henry Cole is off on his bike again this time riding some 4000 kms on a Scandinavian adventure through Norway, Sweden, Southern Lapland and Finland. Henry sets out from Oslo in search of the best mountain riding on the planet through the Fjords of Norway. He also checks out some of the finest hotels and attractions including base jumping in Lisaboten, the annual extreme sports festival in Voss and the world famous Landscape Hotel. Henry also explores Bergen and Balastrade and attempts to try some of the traditional cuisine, boiled sheep’s head. But by the end of this first show Henry is way behind schedule and hasn’t quite left Norway!

At last Henry is leaving Norway but before he does he pops into Hell, a small village just outside Trondheim to meet Hell’s most famous resident Miss Universe 1990. Then at last into Sweden and he immediately delights in the quite incredible Swedish roads. His first stop is to learn how to deal with a brown bear. Henry then rides on through Sweden and on into Southern Lapland sampling the often strange cuisine, the sauna culture and the thousands of miles of lakes and forests. Then to Oulu in Finland and to meet Tommy Makinen, the most famous Finnish rally driver of all time. But as Henry rides the last 600 miles to Helsinki will the torrential rain dampen his passion and will Scandinavia really turn out to be a World’s Greatest Motorcycle Ride?

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Tags: Norway, Sweden, Southern Lapland, Finland